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Compost bin tips for gardeners

American garden and greenhouse fans may find that having a compost heap in the garden makes their life easier and their plants healthier.

According to the Bend Bulletin, compost can boost soil nutrient and moisture retention and can also be useful for improving texture.

Growers should aim for a 50-50 mix of green and brown materials to create the ideal balance for organic matter breakdown.

Green materials include garden clippings, leftover fruit, vegetables, tea bags and bread, while brown substances consist of dead leaves, hay, wood chips, sawdust, used potting soil and shredded newspaper.

However, growers should be careful not to add seeds, animal products or wood that has been treated.

A good place for a compost bin is somewhere that it can be easily accessed in order to minimise the effort needed to add new materials.

Green and brown materials should be added in two to four-inch layers and wet with a hose regularly enough to keep it soggy.

Meanwhile, gather.com has suggested that gardening is a good way to lose weight without paying for a gym membership.