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Tips on selecting good specimens

Amateur garden and greenhouse fans have been told that, with a little effort and thought, they too can have their ideal outdoor landscape.

According to the Picayune Item, the key is to select healthy specimens at the garden centre to help give growers the best chance of achieving success.

Buyers should not be afraid to fully inspect their planned purchases by taking them out of their plastic container pot and examining the roots.

Healthy roots will often be white in colour and those with mechanical or insect damage or weed problems should be left alone.

“Look for plants that have strong branches with no crossed limbs and straight and sturdy trunks. The leaves should be of normal size, shape and colour for that plant species,” the newspaper advised.

It added that knowing the conditions favoured by the plant and also a little about how it grows – such as eventual size and colour at different times of the year – can be helpful in planning the garden landscape.

Meanwhile, the Northwest Herald has noted that growing your own food can be educational and economical for families.