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Texas grower doesn’t let wheelchair stop him

A Texas newspaper has paid a visit to the garden of David Gary – a wheelchair-bound horticulture lover.

The green space is beautiful and a “living manual” for those concerned about gardening with a disability, according to the Dallas Morning News.

The Dallas Arboretum volunteer was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy more than three decades ago, yet has created a landscape many garden and greenhouse enthusiasts would be proud of.

He said disability should not hold plant lovers back and suggested that they design their garden to suit their abilities.

This means choosing species that are within your capabilities to maintain, while also being fit for the region in which you live, he explained.

Wheelchair gardeners should aim to keep beds and pots at a low level to allow them to properly tend to them, while small, lightweight garden tools are most useful.

Mr Gary explained that growers can fill a range of pots in graduated sizes with the same plant and group them together to appear as a large, single display.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Arboretum is hosting the Great Pumpkin Festival until November 1st.