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‘Now is the time’ to water your fruit trees

People who love to spend time in their greenhouses should be sure to give their fruit trees plenty of water, according to one source.

Ciscoe Morris, writing in the Home and Garden section of the Seattle Times, has offered some advice to give dwindling fruit trees a boost.

He says plants have been thinned but are still producing small apples, plums and pears, may need more water.

“These trees must receive adequate moisture to produce big, tasty fruit,” he remarks.

Furthermore, he advises green-fingered gardeners to apply mulch to the ground surrounding the trunk of those growing outdoors.

Water should then be applied for two or three hours per week using a hose to achieve the best results.

Mr Morris also states as the weather starts to cool, people should begin to consider planting vegetable seeds.

When it comes to tomatoes, greenhouses provide the optimum conditions for producing the red fruit, the BBC asserts.

Fertile soil, plenty of sun, heat, food and water will also factor in to producing sweet and juicy tomatoes, the news provider concludes.