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Gardeners seek to attract butterflies

Despite caterpillars at times being the bane of gardeners‘ lives, some are deliberately planting caterpillar-friendly species to help attract butterflies to their gardens and greenhouses, it has been reported.

The Galveston County Daily News suggests that the “gems of the insect world” are becoming sought-after garden attractions due to their ability go “delight children and adults alike”.

It even draws readers‘ attention to a seminar on how to encourage butterflies to the garden and how to keep them there once this is achieved.

“Butterfly gardens strive to attract, welcome and nurture these fascinating and lovely insects that add so much to the pleasures of gardening,” the article reads.

“And with their abundance of bright, colorful flowers, these gardens also can contribute to the beauty of the overall landscape.”

Gardeners interested in butterflies can find out more from the North American Butterfly Association, which will have its first Florida chapter regional meeting in late March.