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Time to start preparing for spring

With spring fast-approaching, gardeners have a limited amount of preparation time left to ensure they are ready for the growing season.

Horticulturalist Dr William Johnson recently advised readers of the Galveston Daily News that tomatoes are one of the easiest crops to grow and February is the best time to plant.

He explained that there are a number of seminars scheduled to take place in Galveston County , Texas , with the aim of equipping gardeners with the skills they need to succeed in their greenhouse and yard.

Aside from growing tomatoes, there are seminars on growing fruit trees, attracting butterflies to the garden, and looking after lawns and pansies.

Gardeners will know Galveston for its huge Moody Gardens tourist complex, which features three pyramids.

One pyramid holds the world‘s largest aquarium while another is called the Discovery Pyramid, with a focus on science exhibits.

The Rainforest Pyramid acts as a giant greenhouse and is filled with tropical animals and plants.