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Uncommon Holiday Presents for Gardeners—and a bonus for you!

Rain Chains for Great Gifts

Every year, as a professional garden writer, I am given products from manufacturers and businesses who want me to test them. And I do. Anything I receive gets a serious workout in my own garden. Now in this season of gifting, I’d like to pass along my recommendations for several that have been outstanding.

Rain Chains – Many gardeners are trying to keep water in the garden and out of the storm drains. Replacing gutter downspouts with rain chains breaks up the water flow and allows it to sink into the surrounding garden soil. Rain chains also add great beauty. The copper ones would make a deluxe present for the discerning gardener on your list. I live in rainy Oregon and the chains do a great job.

Ornamental Bug Lures – Finally, bug-catching gets decorative. These handsome patterned cylinders from Rescue® are welcome presents now because they can jumpstart the insect season. Designed without pesticides, they won’t harm honeybees or other pollinators. OrnamenTraps™ specifically lure yellow jackets. And they’re skinny enough to fit in a stocking. Last March, I put one out to attract the awakening yellow jacket queens. I caught an astonishing number and in August, we had notably fewer obnoxious pests lurking by the grill.

Heavy-duty Loppers – Clippers are always a welcome addition, especially those that do a specific job. The extending handles of my Wolfgarten telescopic anvil loppers give me more clout when tackling tough branches. This is a top-of-the-line present that gardeners will appreciate for years to come.

 Compost Tea Bags – Annie’s Moo Poo Compost tea bags are a gift that immediately gives back in the greenhouse to keep overwintering plants healthy and nourished. These thoroughly tidy tea bags can be suspended in a gallon container of water overnight for use the following day. Attractive gift packages of mixed tea bags—horse, cow, and alfalfa—are available.

Bonus Gifts! – Right now, Pat Stone, editor of Green Prints: “The Weeder’s Digest, is celebrating the magazine’s 25th year with a free offer for you. Any reader of this column can go to the website and read their special anniversary edition online. Twice voted “Best Small Garden Magazine in America,” a subscription to Green Prints makes a great gardener’s gift. When you order now, your recipient will get an additional fifth issue free, plus the best-of “Weeder’s Reader.” That’s such a deal, you might need to get your own subscription for year-long enjoyment.

Happy holidays!