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Best New Plants for the Greenhouse

Color, form, and ease of maintenance are the top criteria when it comes to growing beauty in the greenhouse. Here are seven of the latest offerings that caught my eye; many will come to market for the first time in 2024. All have been chosen by the National Garden Bureau (NGB). So, brighten up your indoor space with these choice selections.

Calathea Pink Star (Calathea roseopicta aka Geopertia) The deep pink foliage is surrounded by deep purple/green edges. At a foot-and a half tall, Pink Star keeps that coloring even when growing in lower light levels.

Calathea Pink Star keeps its bright color even in lower light levels. (Courtesy Costa Farms)

Corn Plant White Aspen (Dracaena fragrans) The creamy white variegation practically glows, especially when gathered with other darker-leafed plants. Although it is a slow grower, it can top out over six feet tall. Extra humidity—perhaps supplied with river rocks and water in the catch basin beneath the pot—will keep the foliage tips from browning.

Corn plant White Aspen brings creamy white variegation to contrast dramtically with other plants. (Courtesy Costa Farms)

Cyclamen Eco™ (Cyclamen persicum F1) The heart-shaped foliage is classically patterned and will look great with all your plants, but it’s the flower power on this 1-foot plant that makes it outstanding. This is a series, so you can choose between purple, salmon, scarlet, white, and several more.

Cyclamen Eco Series offers plenty of color choices with superior flower production. (Courtesy Syngenta Flowers)

Geo Geogenanthus (Geogenanthus ciliates) With under-a-foot dark shiny leaves, the Geo can fit into the smallest locations. The purple/black color is best with bright but indirect light, and it prefers even watering. Use this one as an indicator plant—if it wilts, check the soil moisture levels of all your plants. It pops right up again with watering.

Shiny dark leaves of Geogenanthus catch the light in a greenhouse collection. (Courtesy Costa Farms)

Monstera Esqueleto (Monstera sp.) Monsteras have become the go-to houseplant in the last few years for their tropical looks. This one is a drama queen with three-foot (and larger) leaves with massive cut-outs. Use as a vertical accent, training it to a pole or along a wall. Higher humidity and regular fertilizer can encourage best growth.

The large open leaves of Monstera Esqueleto can form an upright accent. (Courtesy Costa Farms)

Ti Plant Mini Me (Cordyline fruitcosa) Here is a compact (to two feet), variegated Ti plant that shows off vivid pink edging when grown in bright light. This one also would like a higher humidity but prefers the soil to dry a bit between waterings.

Ti plant Mini Me features vivid coloring in a small package. (Courtesy Costa Farms)

Wax Plant Coral Reef Red (Echeveria gibbiflora) Winner of the 2024 NGB People’s Choice Green Thumb Award, the ruffled form of these sturdy leaves adds a unique look to any indoor collection. Plus, the gorgeous pink and maroon coloring will make this easy-to-grow twelve-inch tall and wide succulent a real champion in both the greenhouse and outdoors to Zone 6b.

Echeveria Coral Reef Red shows off eye-catching pink ruffles. (Couresy Greenfuse Botanicals, Inc.)