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Integrated Coldframe

A practical addition made to match your Glasshouse, this provides protection for plants against cold weather, while being the perfect interim environment for efficient ‘hardening off’ of Greenhouse-grown plants. Note – Some of these greenhouse accessories can be painted in a colour of your choice.

Greenhouses for Sale

Buying a greenhouse can raise a lot of questions and it’s important to get the some advice from the experts. There are many makes and models of greenhouses for sale online, at Hartley we can offer you custom advice tailor suited to your location, climate, budget and growing requirements.

From custom made greenhouses and canopies modern opus greenhouses. All our products are approved made in England and represent the very best in quality and endurance.

Choose from our different Greenhouses ranges – Victorian, Heritage and Modern. We also have an exciting selection of custom made greenhouses available in a number of different widths and lengths.

If you are looking for greenhouse accessories to furnish and equip your gardening space, we also stock a number of optional accessories like grow lights, staging, shelving, greenhouse heaters and vine supports. We also offer retractable roller shades to protect plants from too much sunlight and a selection of ventilation options for all your pots and plants.