Combine hard landscaping with lofty headroom with the Highgrow Planthouse, a half-brick, half-glass structure that delivers a semi-dodecagon of glazing to flood plants with light and warmth, while its lower extremities, built of brick, offer protection against scorching to the lower leaves and roots – as well as somewhere to store provisions where they can be hidden from view more easily.

Like other Hartley greenhouses & glasshouses, the Highgrow Planthouse offers adjustable ventilation in the form of windows positioned along its sloped glass roof. Open these to give your plants the fresh air they need and to cool the interior in summer; close the windows in winter and let the natural heat-trapping capabilities of the glass warm the growing plants inside.

With the curved profile of the roof, headroom is maximised across the width of the Highgrow Planthouse, making areas close to its sides still tall enough for tending climbing plants, tall shrubs and trees. Optional staging allows the space to be divided into two, further hiding any supplies kept behind the brick wall while raising plants to where they can receive direct sunlight, if required, and where you can easily reach to water and feed them.

Extra sunlight is let into the Highgrow Planthouse thanks to the sliding door at the front, with adjoining glass panes that reach to the ground.  These greenhouses & glasshouses come with their own built-in drainage system, emptying to front or rear at a height suitable for a low level water barrel.

You can choose from a three-pane Highgrow Planthouse – a perfect way to maximise the height and floor area of a relatively compact garden – or any length to suit, that turns a substantial section of your outdoor space into a protected, indoor growing incubator.

With all of the variation in size, shape and usage, the Highgrow Planthouse is able to meet the needs of the most earnest of gardeners, whatever project they may be taking on.

Please Note – All Hartley Greenhouses require a foundation for which the client will receive a fully specified drawing upon ordering.

  • 80 years manufacturing experience
  • Choice of Colours
  • Choice of Self Assembly
  • 4 mm toughened Safety glass
  • Built to withstand the severest storms
  • Width 10′ 2″ (3100mm)
  • Height 7′ 10 1/2″ (2400mm)
  • Length to suit

The Hartley Range of Colors

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  • Hypca White
  • Country Stone
  • Verona Stone
  • The Olive Leaf
  • Vista Grey
  • Forest Green
  • Mist
  • Bronze
  • Black
  • Umbria Light
  • Iron Grey
  • Ruby Red
  • Manganese Graphite
  • Black Olive
  • Dark Bronze

The colors you see on the website are a guide, and will differ by viewing device.

Pane Options

  • 3 Pane 7'6 1/8" (2290mm)
  • 4 Pane 9'11 3/8" (3033mm)
  • 5 Pane 12'4 5/8" (3776mm)
  • 6 Pane 14'9 7/8" (4519mm)
  • 7 Pane 17'3 1/8" (5262mm)
  • 8 Pane 19'8 3/8" (6005mm)
  • 9 Pane 22'1 5/8" (6748mm)
  • 10 Pane 24'6 7/8" (7491mm)

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