Greenhouses & glasshouses are not purely the preserve of those with acres of garden space to spare – even relatively small gardens can benefit from a warm and dry place for plants to be cultivated until they are ready to go outside, and a refuge from the rain for gardeners on the unpredictable, showery days of spring.

With Hartley Lean-To Greenhouses (The Hartley Lean-To), there is no need for clearance on all sides of the structure – it can be placed along a south-facing or well-lit wall to provide the necessary inner sanctum for budding plants, without taking up too much of the garden itself.

Compactness is further enhanced as the entrance to The Hartley Lean-To is side-sliding, the door moving away from the neighbouring wall without swinging out into the surrounding area. This creates an entrance which capitalises on potential headroom and will remain fully open in breezy conditions.

Despite their space-sensitive features, these greenhouses & glasshouses are still suitable as a haven for taller gardeners, as the 7′ 2 1/2″ of head clearance and curved arch of the structure maximise the amount of the interior that may be used without having to stoop or crouch.

With the width at 7’ 4” and at any length, there is also plenty of floor space inside for pots and trays, with raised shelving adding a second tier of workspace. All of this interior space is free from cross-beams and struts thanks to the sturdy arched shape of the greenhouse, allowing you more room to manoeuvre.

As with other Hartley greenhouses & glasshouses, there are a range of colour options available to suit different styles of garden. Traditionalists can choose white metalwork, while the alternatives can blend in with the wall against which they are built.

Country Stone is just one of the options inspired by natural building materials, and is part of a spectrum of natural shades – including greys, greens and browns – that can help your new Hartley Lean-To to become an integral part of your garden, and of your home, for decades to come.

Please Note – All Hartley Greenhouses require a foundation for which the client will receive a fully specified drawing upon ordering.

  • Over 80 years manufacturing experience
  • Choice of Colours
  • Choice of Self Assembly
  • 4 mm toughened Safety glass
  • Built to withstand the severest storms
  • Width 7′ 4″ (2235mm)
  • Height 7′ 2 3/8″ (2192mm)
  • Length to suit

The Hartley Range of Colors

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  • Hypca White
  • Country Stone
  • Verona Stone
  • The Olive Leaf
  • Vista Grey
  • Forest Green
  • Mist
  • Bronze
  • Black
  • Umbria Light
  • Iron Grey
  • Ruby Red
  • Manganese Graphite
  • Black Olive
  • Dark Bronze

The colors you see on the website are a guide, and will differ by viewing device.

Pane Options

  • 3 Pane 7'6 1/8" (2290mm)
  • 4 Pane 9'11 3/8" (3033mm)
  • 5 Pane 12'4 5/8" (3776mm)
  • 6 Pane 14'9 7/8" (4519mm)
  • 7 Pane 17'3 1/8" (5262mm)
  • 8 Pane 19'8 3/8" (6005mm)
  • 9 Pane 22'1 5/8" (6748mm)
  • 10 Pane 24'6 7/8" (7491mm)

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