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Make cash from garden and greenhouse

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have a unique opportunity to use their passion to keep the pennies rolling in, it has been suggested. With finding and keeping a job difficult at the moment, Associated Content has suggested that those with an interest in horticulture take it to the next level. It said that such people can […]

Use winter to read up on gardening and greenhouse techniques

A garden and greenhouse expert has suggested that horticulture fans use winter to read up on their passion to help equip them with new knowledge for the year ahead. Garden and greenhouse lovers have been encouraged to make use of their downtime during the winter to relax and read up on their horticulture. This, according […]

Gardeners ‘should learn from 2009’

A gardening expert has urged greenhouse owners and horticulture fans to learn from last year‘s trials and tribulations and use the experience to improve their crops in 2010. Harbour Garden Centre owner Tim Lamprey told readers of the Newbury Port Daily News that tomato growers may have experienced tough times over the past 12 months. […]

Forcing Branches and Bulbs in the Greenhouse

As we step into the new year, celebrate the transition with an early dose of spring by “forcing” some winter branches or dormant bulbs. (Not as violent as it sounds, forcing simply means encouraging plants to believe it is a different time of year—in this case, not winter—so that they bloom.) A sunny January day […]