Why choose an aluminum greenhouse?

Interior of an aluminum greenhouse

Give your garden the greenhouse it deserves; Hartley Botanic aluminium greenhouses provide you with the growing space and garden storage space you need, in a structure that is aesthetically pleasing and built to last.

The benefits of aluminum greenhouses

Aluminium itself is a robust building material for structures of all kinds, lightweight to handle yet sturdy enough to weather the worst of conditions – and unlike iron, it will not rust. Similarly, compared to wooden greenhouses they will not rot.

From the smallest of growing frames to stand against a garden wall, to extensive greenhouses and orangeries, a painted aluminum frame and some well-engineered panes of glass combine to create elegant and versatile space where you need it most: some extra ‘indoors’ within your own little piece of the great outdoors.

Why Aluminum Greenhouses?

Aluminum greenhouses are built to last: aluminum will not rust anyway, but with our choice of visually appealing paintwork finishes, you can give your greenhouse a subtle colour to blend into your garden, while ensuring the aluminium surface does not oxidise over the years.

Compared with other metals, aluminum is lightweight for easier construction, but still very strong once built; it also allows for more slimline window frames, casting less shade into the interior of your greenhouse.

aluminum metal greenhouse
A Hartley aluminum greenhouse

This gives you an aesthetically pleasing greenhouse typically with a solid brick base and a weatherproof aluminum greenhouse frame on top – a combination that will weather the tests of time for years ahead.

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