Why choose an aluminum Greenhouse?

Interior of an aluminum greenhouse

Aluminum frame Greenhouses are one of the most popular Greenhouse structures, designed to be robust, sturdy, and incredibly durable. The strong frame protects your plants against all weather conditions, while the material can be designed and adapted to suit any garden style.

Whether you’re a seasoned grower or new to Greenhouse cultivation, discover why a Hartley Botanic aluminum Greenhouse is the best choice for your garden.

What is an aluminum Greenhouse?

Aluminum Greenhouse framing is a smart choice when it comes to structural design.

Aluminum is a chemical element with a lower density than other common metals and will not rust or oxidize, unlike iron or wood. Instead, aluminum forms a protective oxide layer on its surface when exposed to air.

The metal weighs roughly ⅓ that of steel, meaning it’s easy to maneuver and manipulated into various designs. Buying an aluminum Greenhouse is a popular choice and efficient addition to any garden.

The benefits of aluminum framed Greenhouses

From a small aluminum Greenhouse to an extensive large aluminum glass Greenhouse, a painted aluminum frame and well-engineered glass panes create an elegant and versatile garden growing space.

Aluminum is lightweight for easier construction, yet still very strong once built. The material also allows for more slimline window frames, casting less shade into the interior of your aluminum frame Greenhouse and allowing for maximum sunshine.

The result is an aesthetically pleasing Greenhouse, often featuring a solid brick base alongside the weatherproof aluminum frame on top – a combination that will stand the test of time for years ahead.

aluminum metal greenhouse
A Hartley aluminum greenhouse

This gives you an aesthetically pleasing Greenhouse typically with a solid brick base and a weatherproof aluminum Greenhouse frame on top – a combination that will weather the tests of time for years ahead.

What kind of paint do you use on aluminum Greenhouses?

Its natural makeup means aluminum will not rust anyway, however, with Hartley’s choice of visually appealing paintwork finishes, you can give your aluminum glass Greenhouse a touch of color. This subtle addition helps the structure to blend into your garden while ensuring the paint does not oxidize over the years.

Depending on personal design preferences, Hartley aluminum Greenhouse framing can be painted in several colors, including earthier tones or eye-catching hues.

We use a high-quality powder-coated paint that chemically sticks to the aluminum frame Greenhouse, meaning a perfect finish with no flaking, unlike regular paint.