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Florida gardeners ‘should be savvy about irrigation’

Florida growers should be wary of over-watering their garden and greenhouse plants, according to an online resource. Aside from being against many state ordinances, too much hydration can be a bad thing for established plants, TCpalm.com revealed. It suggested feeding trees and shrubs around half to three-quarters of an inch of water twice a week […]

Tips for Tennessee garden and greenhouse enthusiasts

Tennessee garden and greenhouse fans have been given a number of gardening tips from a local newspaper. The Commercial Appeal suggested that those with hydrangea plants discover what type they have before pruning. Mophead varieties should only be pruned to remove deadwood and should be left until April, while oakleaf hydrangeas should be left until […]

How to re-use dead garden materials

Gardening and greenhouse enthusiasts surveying their landscape and noticing a number of dead plants and leaves should not be disheartened, it has been suggested. According to Dailycamera.com, this decaying organic material can be ideal for boosting soil quality by holding water and nutrients in a sort of reservoir for roots to tap into. It suggested […]

Use trimmings to prepare soil for 2010

A Michigan website has advised garden and greenhouse fans that their actions now could dictate how successful their growing activities are in 2010. According to wwzm13.com, this year has been a tough one for vegetable growers, as the “extremely cool wet year made it a rough go this summer”. Gardeners should prepare the ground for […]

Garden and greenhouse tips for November

Louisiana garden and greenhouse owners have been told that the first winter frosts should not spell an end to their horticultural activities. According to the Shreveport Times, there are a number of green-fingered activities to keep growers busy during November. It suggests that cold-sensitive species should be covered with mulch or protected by a windbreak […]

Texas grower doesn’t let wheelchair stop him

A Texas newspaper has paid a visit to the garden of David Gary – a wheelchair-bound horticulture lover. The green space is beautiful and a “living manual” for those concerned about gardening with a disability, according to the Dallas Morning News. The Dallas Arboretum volunteer was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy more than three decades ago, […]

Tips for dealing with snails

A Massachusetts newspaper has distributed tips on how best to deal with unwanted snails in the garden and greenhouse. Salem News explained the vermin can be as troublesome as slugs, laying hundreds of eggs each season. It revealed that the pests can eat their way through almost any variety of plant – damaging fruit, leaves, […]

Before You Bring Plants into Your Greenhouse

Cooler evenings and shorter days‚ÄĒeverything points to summer‚Äôs end. It‚Äôs time to move plants indoors. Here are a few things to consider before you do. Realistically assess your indoor space. Whether you plan to begin spring seedlings or grow winter crops, remember to allow room for these activities. Most plants you move in grow larger […]

New York paper gives bulb-growing tips

A New York state newspaper has been distributing growing advice for garden and greenhouse enthusiasts to make use of during the colder months. The Daily Mail suggested that now is a good time to get spring flowering bulbs into the ground, although it said the recent weather could make successful growing a challenge. Major bulbs […]

Gardening tips for Minneapolis growers

A Minneapolis newspaper has featured a number of growing tips for garden and greenhouse fans in Minnesota. The Star Tribune spoke to Mark Campbell, who suggested that horticulture lovers aim to grow plants that suit the region they reside in. He explained that he has lost a number of specimens after trying to cultivate them […]

Hawaiians sample garden and greenhouse produce at market

Garden and greenhouse growers in Hawaii were able to sample each others‘ produce at a recent event. According to the Honolulu Advertiser, the new community market in the grounds of Kaua‘i Community College in Puhi, Oahu, is to take place every Saturday from 10:00 until 13:00 local time. It is a joint project between the […]