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Gardeners ‘should learn from 2009’

A gardening expert has urged greenhouse owners and horticulture fans to learn from last year‘s trials and tribulations and use the experience to improve their crops in 2010. Harbour Garden Centre owner Tim Lamprey told readers of the Newbury Port Daily News that tomato growers may have experienced tough times over the past 12 months. […]

Forcing Branches and Bulbs in the Greenhouse

As we step into the new year, celebrate the transition with an early dose of spring by “forcing” some winter branches or dormant bulbs. (Not as violent as it sounds, forcing simply means encouraging plants to believe it is a different time of year—in this case, not winter—so that they bloom.) A sunny January day […]

Simple tasks top gardeners’ New Year’s resolutions

Raking leaves, weeding garden beds and pruning shrubs are among the most common New Year‘s resolutions for American gardeners, it has been reported. While the cold weather means that many gardening enthusiasts won‘t be getting their tools out for some weeks, most have already thought about the year ahead. According to an informal study carried […]

Obama’s kitchen garden to extend season

Michelle Obama‘s kitchen garden at the White House is set to have its growing season extended by implementing some savvy techniques. The first lady made history earlier this year by breaking ground on the first food-growing project at the Pennsylvania Avenue address since the war-time victory garden. Now, the Obamas are set to continue getting […]

Garden and greenhouse site offers tools and advice

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who are spending their downtime over the festive period looking for things to enhance their green space may be interested in CornerstoneYardAndGarden.com. Founded by Wyoming native Debra Yeik, the site includes a range of decorations for the garden, as well as hints and tips on specific techniques. Ms Yeik started the […]

Container gardening tips

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been urged to try container gardening as it provides flexibility and can be an excellent source of gifts. According to news-journalonline.com, a class on the issue was recently held by Florida master gardener Liz Morrison at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park. The expert gave the news provider a number of […]

Christmas tree tips for garden and greenhouse fans

Garden and greenhouse lovers have been advised to think carefully about what type of Christmas tree they choose and how they will deal with it after the festive period. Some opt for artificial trees, while others prefer the real thing, but the Sun News has suggested that those who opt for real specimens should either […]

Suggested Holiday Gifts for Gardeners

If holiday gifts are on your mind, these suggestions may help with the gardening recipients on your list. Or perhaps, like me, you’ll add a few of these items to your personal wish list. Globally, gardening as a pastime is enjoying an all-time high in popularity; new gardeners sprout every day. The Curious Gardener’s Almanac […]