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Gardeners given tips on where to start this spring

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts around the country are likely to be preparing for a busy spring and summer. Some may be wondering where to start, but the Mail Tribune has come to their rescue with a to-do list that should help give them some direction. In terms of vegetable planting, the newspaper explained that a […]

Many ways to hone gardening skills

Those looking to hone their garden and greenhouse skill have been told that there are many ways to do so. According to the St Helen Star, would-be growers can attend a variety of free workshops run by master gardeners, which often take place during the growing seasons. Furthermore, those who prefer to learn from books […]

Californian gardeners set for educational event

Californian garden and greenhouse enthusiasts could expand their knowledge this weekend by attending an event at Vintage High School. According to the Napa Valley Register, the University of California Master Gardeners of Napa County is set to host an educational event. The organisation will present Get Growing, Gardening for Everyone in conjunction with the Regional […]

Worms at Work for the Greenhouse and Garden

This month I thought I’d explore a topic that's new to me. This activity isn't usually done inside greenhouses, but I do think it's of interest to gardeners. What is an efficient, odorless way to recycle food wastes, producing compost at the same time? The answer is vermicomposting, or the farming of worms. An average […]

Discover Northwest Flower Field Walks

Think of the delight of stepping into a greenhouse, surrounded by the sights and scents of flowering plants. Now, I invite you to expand that greenhouse experience into a field walk, moving through acres of flowers that spread to the horizon like a colorful sea. It’s a gardening joy like no other. But growers rarely […]

Don’t fear the weather, gardeners told

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts should not rest on their laurels when the weather is bad, it has been suggested. New York Botanical Gardens vice-president of horticulture and living collections Todd Forrest recently told USA Today that growers should make themselves busy, regardless of conditions outside. He explained that those with water pooling in their garden […]

How to attract hummingbirds

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts may want know that attracting wildlife to their green space is a vital component of their activities. Floridians hoping to encourage hummingbirds to visit their property could be interested in a recent article in the Florida Times Union. According to the newspaper, there are only three out of 338 known species […]

Denver growers encouraged to visit website

A Denver newspaper has encouraged Colorado residents with a love for gardens and greenhouses to check out a free website. The Denver Post explained that while there are many online resources detailing how to do things outdoors and create the perfect green space, few encourage active learning in the community. However, it pointed to transitioncolorado.ning.com, […]

Where to go for garden and greenhouse advice

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts conducting their planning for the rest of the year have been encouraged to pick up tips and ideas from a horticultural website. Better Homes and Gardens magazine‘s BHG.com offers advice and guides on creating the perfect green space. The online resource contains a wide range of inspirational how-to features on everything […]

New Jersey growers given tips

A New Jersey website has given garden and greenhouse enthusiasts some advice as the state welcomes the coming of spring. According to nj.com, growing your own fruit and vegetables can be “wonderfully rewarding” – something that has made it increasingly popular across the US. It advised that growers can produce a large selection of foods […]