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Company releases tailored garden and greenhouse tips solution

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who like to embrace new technology may be interested in the latest offering from PlantSense. The company has developed a product known as the EasyBloom Plant Sensor, which sends users text messages or emails when their green space needs attention. It provides tips based on the varieties the owner has in […]

Texan greenhouse growers given landscaping advice

Garden and greenhouse growers in Texas have been given advice by Houston‘s garden guru. Randy Lemmon told ABC News that growers can save a fortune by avoiding the services of landscape gardeners. He explained that such professionals will charge up to 40 per cent more per plant than if people buy them from nurseries. The […]

Missouri garden and greenhouse fans to get growing tips

A Missouri newspaper has drawn garden and greenhouse enthusiasts‘ attention to an upcoming seminar. The Going Green in the Garden event takes place on October 10th and will explore topics relating to gardening in the winter, according to the Springfield News Leader. Growers attending can reportedly expect to learn about seed collecting and storage, worm […]

Newspaper gives tips on fall garden and greenhouse growing

A Las Vegas newspaper has suggested residents can save cash and eat almost for free by using their garden and greenhouse to grow some autumnal vegetables. Fall crops can still be planted and harvested before winter sets in, the Review Journal stated. It suggested growers can take advantage of more pleasant temperatures to get work […]

Greenhouse and gardeners with pets receive landscaping tips

An Oregon newspaper has given garden and greenhouse enthusiasts with pets some tips for landscaping their outdoor space. It examined the case of Melinda Frey, who designed her garden with her large coonhound dog in mind. The professional designer allows her pet to roam free in her half-acre after she made it pooch-friendly, according to […]

Century-old gardener gives tips on growing and longevity

A Californian news provider has been speaking to a 101-year-old man who claims his garden and greenhouse exploits, combined with a passion for golf, have kept him active past his centenary year. Charles Ferguson told the Daily Breeze how he does not stress too much about his plants, but finds it most enjoyable and effective […]

How to spot salvia divinorum in your garden or greenhouse

Garden and greenhouse growers concerned about growing salvia after the recent furore in the media may be interested in a recent article in the Examiner. It explains how the plant in question – salvia divinorum – is just one of 1,000 species of salvia and the only variety to come with hallucinogenic properties. Those concerned […]

Greenhouse and garden lovers to be taught roof growing techniques

Those without the room for a greenhouse have been told not to worry about an apparent lack of growing space. According to the Examiner, people looking to harvest their own food can do so on areas such as rooftops. It pointed out an organisation called the Glide Foundation is giving tips on how to establish […]

Greenhouse and garden fans told how to create senior-friendly area

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who have become less mobile have been given some design advice on how to make their outdoor space more accessible. According to the Examiner, raised planting areas can be useful additions as they involve less bending down, cutting pressure on muscles and joints. Water for hydrating the flora should also be […]

Wish Upon Next Year’s Plant Stars

The decisions about which new plants will appear at a nursery near you next spring are happening right now. Here’s a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes process so you can jumpstart your own plant wish list. I was recently one of three judges for the 2009 New Varieties Showcase at the Farwest trade show in Portland, […]

Gardener gives tips on growing tomatoes

An experienced garden and greenhouse enthusiast has been sharing his growing tips with views of Kansas City‘s KMBC. Larry Moore explained tomato plants can often look in need of some tender loving care at this time of year, adding the cool summer has led to increased problems. Growers may have noticed more blight and viruses […]