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Greenhouse and garden fans told how to create senior-friendly area

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who have become less mobile have been given some design advice on how to make their outdoor space more accessible. According to the Examiner, raised planting areas can be useful additions as they involve less bending down, cutting pressure on muscles and joints. Water for hydrating the flora should also be […]

Wish Upon Next Year’s Plant Stars

The decisions about which new plants will appear at a nursery near you next spring are happening right now. Here’s a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes process so you can jumpstart your own plant wish list. I was recently one of three judges for the 2009 New Varieties Showcase at the Farwest trade show in Portland, […]

Gardener gives tips on growing tomatoes

An experienced garden and greenhouse enthusiast has been sharing his growing tips with views of Kansas City‘s KMBC. Larry Moore explained tomato plants can often look in need of some tender loving care at this time of year, adding the cool summer has led to increased problems. Growers may have noticed more blight and viruses […]

‘No rest for gardeners’ in fall

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts cannot afford to rest on their laurels, it has been suggested. With the arrival of fall, a number of maintenance and planning tasks need addressed, according to the Examiner. Growers were told they can save themselves time and stress in the spring by planting some varieties now. It stated planting autumnal […]