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Moles ‘can benefit gardeners’

Moles are often seen as little more than pests by green-fingered enthusiasts – and there certainly are a wide range of reasons for this. The subterranean creatures burrow lawns and raise mole hills, which can undermine plant roots and inadvertently cause damage or death. However, gardening expert Roger Mercer has argued that mole populations are […]

How to deal with slugs in the greenhouse

Green-fingered gardening enthusiasts have many problems to deal with, not least of which is unwanted wildlife encroaching on their plants. Needless to say, something like a slug tear through your flowers, fruit and vegetables is undesirable, although they can also cause damage in less direct ways – such as by consuming nutrients and limiting a […]

Gardeners ‘can be inspired by music’

The potential for sources of inspiration for gardeners considering a renovation of their green space is almost unlimited. Individuals have claimed to have been inspired by a wide range of disparate things over the years – and nowhere is this better demonstrated than at flower shows. Indeed, some of the entries for the forthcoming 2012 […]

Make the garden a perfect space for pollinators

There are many pleasures gardening can offer the keen enthusiast, not least of which is watching wildlife go about their daily business. Seeing as this is the case, why not try and optimise the ways in which your green space welcomes pollinating insects such as bees? This activity has a wide range of benefits – […]

Monet garden attracts thousands of visitors

One of the most exciting horticultural projects taking place in New York City at the moment has to be the Claude Monet Garden. Housed at the New York Botanical Garden, the display which is inspired by the impressionists vibrant paintings, the changing, seasonal display will be on show until October 2012. It has already attracted […]

Weather lands a good punch on Knock Out roses

Everybody loves the hardy, disease-resistant shrub roses that have become so popular in the last couple of decades for their easy care and nonchalant reblooming. Many will bloom – and often rebloom after June – without deadheading, and survive even cold Midwestern winters without being swaddled. Some slow-release fertilizer in spring is welcome, but many […]

The New Oregon Trail – Specialty Nurseries Help You Find the Perfect Plants

My garden will be open in July, as part of The Garden Conservancy’s Open Days program. Right now I’m madly tucking last-minute plants into my beds and borders. But I don’t want just any old plant. No, I’m on the hunt for the new and/or unusual. My quest is a common one among gardeners. So […]

Gardening goes digital in North America

The digital revolution has touched almost every walk of life. From shopping to socialising, people are turning to the internet. It is a source of inspiration and information for many and mobile technology has made access to it almost universal. The US is one of the most pioneering countries when it comes to web access […]