Walk-in Greenhouse benefits

Why you need a Walk Through Greenhouse

Garden landscaping can be backbreaking enough, without having to stoop or crawl into a Greenhouse with insufficient headroom.

Walk-in glasshouse
Living space in a walk-in greenhouse

Hartley Botanic Greenhouses are designed with walk-in access in mind – with the obvious exception of our Patio Glasshouse, a mini Greenhouse with upright growing frames and open front access.

All of our walk-in Greenhouses offer good head clearance at their apex, and those with pitched roofs aim to ensure the lowest parts of the roof are positioned only where plants and other items will be stored, rather than in the parts of the walk-in Greenhouse where you are likely to want to walk around.

Walk-in Greenhouses with plenty of headroom

large walk-in greenhouse
A large walk-in Hartley greenhouse

Unless you know where to look, you could easily assume our walk-in Greenhouses offer the same head clearance as others of the same size, but this is not always the case.

Our traditional pitched-roof walk-in Greenhouses – unlike many other manufacturers’ designs – utilize a large amount of the interior space and are free from cross-bracing, meaning there are fewer places to bump your head on the way through.

For even more head-friendly small walk in Greenhouse, consider The Hartley Vista, Cottage, and Wisley walk-in Greenhouses with curved roofs, keeping the height of the Greenhouse closer to its maximum across more of its width.

And for our large walk-in Greenhouses with the most headroom of all, look to The Hartley Highgrow model, designed specifically for climbing plants and tall shrubs or trees – and naturally friendly to the tallest of gardeners as a result.

Extra Height on Walk-in Greenhouses

We understand that you need a Glasshouse that meets your growing needs, whatever they may be – and our bespoke Greenhouses and orangeries can accommodate requests even on a large scale.

Ask about our  bespoke walk-in Greenhouse designs, as these can be built to offer even more headroom – however much space you might need.

Find out more about our walk-in Greenhouses and more with our comprehensive guides and FAQs below

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