How large is a Greenhouse?

A Greenhouse can be as large as you desire, but the common width is 8, 10, or 12 feet.


Make the most of your outdoor space with a walk-in Greenhouse, to easily tend to your plants and enjoy the relaxing nature of gardening. 


Some gardeners opt for a large Greenhouse with partitioned interiors where a private seated area can be formed, or perhaps a separate space to store your tools. Not only does this create a physical division, but also means certain amounts of light and heat reach particular areas, allowing for increased plant variety.


The larger the Greenhouse, the more opportunity you have for unique customisations. Custom structures can also be requested, creating a particularly striking large Greenhouse. 


A large Greenhouse can also be used as an orangery when combined with certain masonry elements. Whatever your needs, large Greenhouses promise to be the pride and joy of any garden for years to come.

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