What are the different types of Greenhouses?

There are many different types of Greenhouse, depending on your available space and style preferences. At Hartley Botanic, our Greenhouses for sale cover a range of aesthetics – from Victorian Glasshouses, Heritage, Modern, and Bespoke Greenhouses, to small Greenhouses and patio Glasshouses for those limited on outdoor space.


Dethatched or free-standing Greenhouses are stand-alone structures that are built separately from a building. Lean-to Greenhouses, on the other hand, make use of an existing external wall as one of its edges.


Greenhouses can adopt a variety of layouts and structures. Many choose to include a dwarf wall to ensure the Greenhouse compliments the rest of the property, and for greater insulation. A cement or brick base is a popular choice for Hartley Botanic Greenhouses, for sturdy structural support.

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