What architectural style is the Glasshouse?

Greenhouses and Glasshouses can come in a range of architectural styles.

Victorian Glasshouses

Many people recognize the traditional Victorian Glasshouse as one of the first and finest examples of Greenhouse growing. Typically grand in style, the Greenhouse was originally primarily used by the rich and wealthy of that period. Glass was an expensive material, so it became synonymous with privilege and status. Elaborate glass buildings were designed and created by the Victorians, as a place not only to grow their exotic plants but also to take refuge and relax.

Much of today’s modern Greenhouses draw inspiration from the Victorian style, incorporating new designs for a bespoke and eye-catching Glasshouse.

Modern Greenhouses

As the minimalist style grew in popularity, this too transferred onto the designs of Greenhouses. Hartley Botanic boasts a range of sleek and modern Greenhouses that will fit perfectly into any garden. Combining contemporary styles with concealed engineering, the end result is aesthetically pleasing a subtle nod to the Victorian timber-framed roots.

Bespoke Greenhouses

Whatever your architectural vision for a bespoke Glasshouse, Hartley Botanic is here to help. One popular style is to incorporate a dwarf wall in the Greenhouse design. This allows the structure to blend with your current home, matching the bricks of the exterior walls.

For homes with smaller outdoor spaces, lean-to Greenhouses are a fantastic alternative. They make use of a current exterior wall, yet still feature the classic and eye-catching framing of a full Greenhouse.

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