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The second season

Many of us have been devotedly tending a vegetable garden throughout this fraught summer, including many first-time gardeners. It’s not necessarily over. For those who want to make the most of a vegetable garden, August is the time to plant the second crop. A number of vegetables—especially those whose edible parts are roots and leaves—will […]

Still, we garden

It’s always something, for a gardener. One year it’s drought, the next year it’s hail, another year it’s a new tomato blight. This year it’s a worldwide pandemic. But still, we garden. So we adapt. This year, some of us had trouble ordering the seeds we wanted. Sudden interest in gardening among involuntary stay-at-homes resulted […]

Fruits in the garden and greenhouse

The other day I almost picked a quince. It was an incidental quince:  The Japanese flowering quince shrub it was growing on had been planted for stunning coral-and-white spring flowers, not for fruit. However, the plant hadn’t gotten that memo and had developed half a dozen substantial, apple-like fruits anyway. Unfortunately, the shrub wasn’t mine, […]

The undaunted prairie

The other day I strolled along a path between plants as tall as my shoulders, like a sea of green grasses with colorful swells of yellow coneflowers and black-eyed Susans, white ironweed and Indian plaintain, purple milkweed, and orange butterfly weed. Butterflies twinkled–monarchs, painted ladies, swallowtails—and bumblebees plodded from flower to flower. On the marsh […]