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Annuals ‘need to be planted now’

Professional garden and landscape designer Dan Pearson has claimed that any annuals greenhouse growers intend to grow need to be planted now. In an article for the UK national newspaper the Guardian, he said that this is simply one of the many aspects of gardening that ensures green-fingered enthusiasts are firmly grounded in the moment. […]

Greenhouse growers ‘need to think about shade’

There are many different aspects of the outdoors for gardeners to think about – not least of which is the varying degrees of access to light that different plants require. Former presenter of the Gardeners World television show and garden writer Alys Fowler has claimed that shade is a particularly important consideration. In an article […]

Crocosmia ‘can be partnered with agastache and euphorbia’

As summer has comfortably given way to fall, the nature of a gardening enthusiast’s tasks will have changed focus slightly. Indeed, plants will require different levels of care depending on what stage of development they are at – and this is particularly relevant to anything that needs to be overwintered. However, this does not mean […]

Fall ‘is the perfect time to start seeding’

Professional garden and landscape designer Dan Pearson has emphasised his belief that now is the perfect time to start seeding. In an article for UK national newspaper the Guardian, he explained that being self-sufficient in this regard is one of the many thrills that can come from collecting seeds. The expert underlined the fact that […]

Lawns ‘need some work in the fall’

Gardening expert and author of the allotment book One Man and His Plot Michael Leapman has underlined his belief that the lawn represents the central, defining element of the garden. In an article for the UK national newspaper the Daily Telegraph, he explained that a crisply cut stripe can easily become the calling card of […]

Dahlias ‘are making a comeback’

Keen gardeners who enjoy growing plants in their greenhouse will undoubtedly have considered introducing some dahlias to their space. These plants may have been on the unfashionable side in recent times, but professional planter and garden writer Graham Rice has claimed that they are making a huge comeback right now. Writing in an article for […]

Chervil ‘is a wonderful herb to grow’

Green-fingered enthusiasts who take advantage of their greenhouse to grow plants for eating would be well advised not to overlook the many benefits herbs can offer. Not only are these a convenient thing to have fresh quantities of at hand, they can also be very pretty – and they really add to the aesthetic appeal […]

Guest Post – The Positive of Pests in Your Garden by Derek Roach

Continuing to battle the predators of your garden with latest remedies and tips may just have you spinning your wheels.  Why not embrace the beasts and fight fire with fire – or in this case, pests with pests? Essentially, your ultimate goal in maintaining your garden is to preserve a balanced ecosystem. That way your […]

Most Beautiful Community Gardens in the United Kingdom

Interestingly, community gardens have been a staple part of communities within the United Kingdom for hundreds of years, serving as an important source of food for those who worked on the plots. During World War Two, many community allotments were set up in the inner cities to provide local people with affordable vegetables.

Blueberries for All – Gorgeous plants, great taste

“There’s no reason not to have a blueberry in every garden,” says Amelie Brazelton Aust, second-generation owner of Fall Creek Nursery in Oregon. She should know. Fall Creek will ship 14 million plants worldwide this year, mostly for farming production. Now for home gardeners, they’ve developed a new line called “Brazelberries.” These plants, Amelie tells me […]