This is the style I am interested in, I am going to build the greenhouse on a hillside. You know the framework of the greenhouse is metal, I am wondering how to make sure the greenhouse is lightning safe. Do I need to install a rob? Or simply have it grounded is enough? Or is the greenhouse lightning safe in nature (aka, does it work just as a Faraday cage in this case). It would be deeply appreciated if your company can share some material with me to improve its lightning safety when I am preparing the site. Thanks in advance.

Being of highly conductive Aluminium, Hartley Greenhouses would readily conduct lightning to ground if struck.  Additionally, the larger Victorian structures are anchored with steel or stainless steel rods at the main frame positions and these route either partially or fully down through the wall (as on a Victorian Lodge – 8 positions).  As we have no recorded instance of one of our structures ever being hit, we cannot give any estimate of the likely damage that would occur should this happen.  A lightning rod may reduce the likelihood of severe damage, but as we have no established product in this area, sourcing, installation and maintenance would be entirely the owners responsibility.  We cannot advise that a Hartley Glasshouse be used as a safe haven during an electrical storm, but being inside would be better than no shelter at all as long as contact with the metalwork is avoided.  For more information on safe havens please follow this link

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