Modern Horticulture

Opus Botanic

Superior specification sets this glasshouse apart from all others. Concealed engineering, more desirable wider glass panes with an aesthetically pleasing blended linear design, create a great contemporary look and feel, guaranteeing your garden will be the envy of all your friends and neighbours.

Hartley Planthouses

The Hartley Planthouse is a free standing structure which uses a unique manufacturing system. The result is an aesthetically pleasing greenhouse that would sit comfortably in almost any size of garden. Contemporary in style this greenhouse design is available in 6ft, 8ft and 10ft wide with a length to suit.

The appeal of greenhouses is undeniable. Virtually everyone enjoys the simple pleasure of connecting with nature, and greenhouses provide the perfect opportunity to do so. Shielding against unpleasant weather, damaging storms and high winds, planthouses are eternally peaceful – a safe haven for plants and gardeners alike.

They offer us the chance to share natural beauty with loved ones, as they can be used as a tranquil room in which to entertain friends and family. Alternatively, they can serve as a quiet getaway, a rejuvenating place to indulge in one of life’s simplest, but most rewarding pleasures – gardening.

However you use them, one thing is certain – The Modern Horticulture range is the ultimate in greenhouse design. Featuring concealed engineering, a streamlined finish and a flawless interior, these structures are a cut above the rest.

Lit by sun or moonlight, Hartley’s luxury, high quality greenhouses are more than just a place in which to grow, attend to and nurture prized plants, they’re a magical home away from home – a botanical haven for hobby gardeners, dedicated horticulturalists or anyone who enjoys the raw, organic beauty of nature.