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Stenton- Beginnings of American Horticulture

America’s first horticultural library, a major breakthrough in plant science, and the founding of an important American cultural institution—all these and more occurred in the same spot, what was once a bucolic farm in North Philadelphia. The neighborhood has changed, but I was fortunate recently to participate in a day-long tour of Philadelphia sites that […]

Pruning remains worthwhile in the summer

There are so many tasks for a gardener to be getting on with in the summer that it can be perfectly understandable if a couple of things are overlooked in favour of more exciting considerations – such as choosing which plants to maintain throughout the summer period.  At this time of year, some of you […]

Forget-me-nots can provide a long-lasting display

If you are looking for a plant that will offer great soil coverage for a relatively long period of time, then the forget-me-not could be a fantastic choice.  Their binomial name is myosotis – and this comes from the Greek word for 'mouse's ear', so named after the shape and soft texture of the plant's leaves.  […]

Kale is a great choice for an attractive, long-lasting plant

One of the biggest decisions a gardener has to make can often come before he or she has even started to do any work – what plants to grow.  This goes double for those who are taking advantage of the controlled environment offered by a greenhouse, as this makes it possible to grow species that […]

Great Summer Gardening Advice From the Best—Marietta and Ernie O’Byrne Weed and Talk

It’s not often I get to interview two expert gardeners while they are actually gardening. On this hot Oregon summer morning, I meet Marietta and Ernie O’Byrne, developers of Winter Jewels™ hellebores, at their wholesale Northwest Garden Nursery. Next year’s hellebore crop is already sheltered in a row of greenhouses beside the garden where Marietta […]

Foxgloves are great for pollinators

Greenhouses have a great deal to offer gardeners. Because they are a controlled environment, they make it possible to grow a much wider range plants than would necessarily be supported by the immediate climate.  As such, it is important to ensure you know exactly what you want to use the space for and maintain a good […]

Chards are ideal for the kitchen and greenhouse

There are so many benefits to using a greenhouse in the garden that it can be difficult for growers to narrow down their options and choose a few they can manage.  By far one of the most popular uses for the controlled environment is for food – specifically nurturing your own fruit and vegetables from […]


New bacteria could end the need for fertiliser

Gardeners and greenhouse growers alike will undoubtedly be familiar with the wide range of benefits offered by using fertiliser to encourage growth in plants. However, a new substance has been developed that could put an end to this requirement, removing some of the less enjoyable tasks from the pastime. Scientists at the University of Nottingham […]

Try growing blueberries in a greenhouse

Growing fruit and vegetables in a greenhouse is arguably one of the most popular uses for the controlled gardening environment.  There are many reasons for this – not least of which being that it can give you more of an influence over how plants usually associated with the wild can develop.  A good example of […]

Growing in a Hartley Glasshouse

In late 2010, when Chris Holbrook was looking at greenhouses for his yard, Hartley Glasshouses impressed him for a number of reasons. He noticed the careful construction and wide selection of models with their many special options. As a regular visitor to England, he also appreciated the connection a Hartley house provides to English gardening […]