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Planning ahead is the key to a bountiful vegetable garden

If you want to be the envy of your block this summer with a range of delicious vegetables , you should be starting your first steps towards creating your vegetable patch now. First-time gardeners must ensure that their patch is small to start with, as July should find people wishing they had made their garden […]

Prune trees now in preparation for warm weather

It’s getting closer and closer to that time where we need to dust down the trowels, rakes, cutters, mowers and strimmers and tend to the garden after the barren winter months. Jobs such as pruning fruit trees or other woody type plants in the garden can be done now as they need to be completed […]

South African Winter Blooming Bulbs

What can you enjoy in your winter greenhouse that requires little care the rest of the year? In a recent conversation with Scott Canning, Director of Horticulture at Wave Hill– the public garden in Riverdale, New York– I learned about some South African winter-blooming bulbs growing in Wave Hill’s conservatory this winter. Since South African […]

‘Not too late’ to make the most of pumpkins

While many pumpkins may have been picked and carved up for Halloween displays by now, gardeners could still be keeping some aside for culinary purposes. These are likely to still be growing – and there are plenty of tasks to be getting on with for green-fingered enthusiasts if they wish to make the most of […]

Add some white flowers to a garden

With so many different plants to choose from, it can be difficult for gardeners to pick a specific color scheme with which to fill their greenhouses. Indeed, there are plenty of options for those who want to set their green space apart from the crowd. Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Chris Marchant from Orchard Dene […]

Adversity in the Garden

Emerging from a summer that offered plenty to complain about—unseasonably warm early temperatures followed by drought –then prolonged heat extreme even for the height of summer—it’s small comfort to learn that this season’s weather appears to be part of a larger trend. As the authors—all researchers in the earth and climate sciences– of a recent […]