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Why Do Plants Look Good in the Store and Then Do Badly at Home?

When you go to a garden center, the plants look wonderfully healthy and vigorous, so you buy lots of them. But upon taking them home and planting them in your greenhouse or garden, they may gradually begin to fade. First their growth may slow; then they may stop flowering; and finally they may start to […]

Written in United Kingdom

Wash and sow – there’s plenty to do in the greenhouse

Happy New Year! Here’s to fabulous crops, few pests and many pleasurable moments pottering in your Hartley greenhouse. With the wet weather, there is no better place to shelter as you check your plants. If you haven’t done so already, a water butt to collect rainwater from the roof is a ‘must’ and can be […]

The Installation Journey of a Victorian Grand Lodge Glasshouse, Oregon, USA

We are excited to share an inspiring video that unveils and demonstrates the installation of our beautiful Hartley Botanic Grand Lodge in the USA. This video takes you on a journey through the detailed installation process and the dedicated craftsmanship that goes into every Hartley Botanic Glasshouse.