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Planning for the Quieter Season Ahead in Your Greenhouse

With the hottest days of August behind us, this is a great time to plan for cooler times ahead. Particularly at the juncture of two seasons, your greenhouse provides a growing environment sheltered from increasingly unpredicatable weather. Chilly nights? Just close the vents and let the thermostat bring on a little heat. Indian Summer? Re-open […]

Unusual Uses for Your Summer Greenhouse

We usually think of greenhouses as spaces devoted to growing plants, but they have other uses too. If plants aren’t growing in your greenhouse during these hottest months of the year– or if there’s extra space among plants that are there—why not utilize this sheltered place in other ways? So much we grow in the […]

Edible Crops to Grow in Summer Greenhouses

As summer’s temperatures climb, it can seem hopeless to grow anything inside the greenhouse. But with adequate ventilation, there are actually some excellent candidates for these conditions. If you think in terms of plants that like the heat—there really are quite a few. You’ll need to decide whether to plant them in containers—these should be […]

Five Vines to Grow in Your Greenhouse

Sometimes the only way to go is up. And when is that truer than late spring, with horizontal space at a premium for the burgeoning seedlings we began last winter? Going vertical isn’t merely practical, vines are lovely too. Many grow outdoors during the summer. But greenhouse environments are ideal for them – depending upon […]

Gardening with Alice McGowan

One of the biggest challenges of spring is that we eventually must limit what to grow. It’s worst inside greenhouses, where the space is confined by four walls. Seedlings have a shocking way of increasing exponentially in their needs–that tiny handful of seeds sprouts into a modest seedflat, then moves in a fairly orderly fashion […]