What direction should a lean-to Greenhouse face?

A lean-to Greenhouse should be placed along a south-facing wall, whether that is along the wall of a garden or a property’s external wall. 


This is so lean to Greenhouse can receive the maximum amount of sunlight to ensure your plants grow and are kept protected from the elements.


When deciding on the placement of your lean to Greenhouses, avoid areas with tall trees which will block out sunlight. Consider practicality measures too – leave ample space around the free walls of the Greenhouse, and make sure it is in a location close to electricity mains and water taps, should you need them. 


If you have small children or grandchildren coming to visit, it may also be wise to use an external wall that is slightly further away from the main garden area, to avoid damage to the lean to Greenhouse.


We have a wide range of lean to Greenhouses in a variety of styles, including Victorian lean to Greenhouses for a traditional and eye-catching design.

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