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June the ‘ideal time’ for planting tropical varieties

A southern California soil manufacturer has suggested the cool mornings and warm afternoons in June are the ideal time to grow plants. Oxnard-based Agromin explained horticulture lovers looking to introduce tropical varieties should do so over the next month. It said the conditions are ideal for transplanting things like banana trees, orchids and palms as […]

How to keep critters from the garden

A website has advised gardeners on how to deal with the common problem of animals interfering with their prized plants. Horticulture lovers can spend hours in the garden and greenhouse, only for the fruits of their labour to be spoiled by rabbits, deer or cats. These otherwise lovable species are a “common, perpetual annoyance” to […]

Encore Azalea releases digital magazine

Encore Azalea has announced the release of the second edition of its digital magazine focusing on container gardening. It explained growers will also find tips on other aspects of growing in gardens and greenhouses. The online resource contains photos and articles with simple planting instructions and easy care tips. It focuses on how to start […]

Watch out for rainfall, gardeners warned

Gardeners have been advised to keep an eye on their plants during periods of heavy rain. According to ConneticutTristates.com, periods of particularly wet weather can cause problems for many varieties. It said cool weather and over hydration can cause fungi to form that can be harmful to plants. The website also warned consistent downpours can […]

Gardening with Alice McGowan

One of the biggest challenges of spring is that we eventually must limit what to grow. It’s worst inside greenhouses, where the space is confined by four walls. Seedlings have a shocking way of increasing exponentially in their needs–that tiny handful of seeds sprouts into a modest seedflat, then moves in a fairly orderly fashion […]

Establishing a vegetable garden

With vegetable gardening becoming “all the rage”, according to Tim Lamprey of the Newbury Port Daily News, the gardener has given his fellow horticulturalists some tips. Those looking into growing their own food can reclaim some of their lawn to make room for the crops, he wrote. Mr Lamprey explained kitchen gardens do well in […]

Master gardener gives tips on buying plants

A master gardener has offered advice on buying plants for the garden and greenhouse. Duval County Agriculture Extension Service and the University of Florida expert Tom Bruton wrote in the Florida Times-Union that gardeners should have a good poke around a nursery before judging the quality. He advised horticulture fans to avoid specimens with yellowed […]

How to make fertiliser in the kitchen

Gardeners looking to add some life to their plants can do so without spending a fortune on expensive fertilisers, it has been asserted. A simple and cost effective solution can be found in the kitchen, according to 6abc.com. The website advises a mixture of two tablespoons of white vinegar and a quart of water can […]

New book gives tips on desert gardening

A new book from Dorrance Publishing promises to help gardeners working in harsh environments get the best from their land and greenhouse. Tough Plants in a Fragile Land: Saving our Planet, One Garden at a Time, written by Danish national Fritzie von Jessen, is available for $35. It highlights the beauty of holistic, chemical-free, desert […]

Master gardener gives tips on tomatoes

A University of Idaho master gardener has given tips on growing tomatoes in a local newspaper. Elaine Walker wrote in the Idaho Statesman that the plants can be divided into two categories – determinate and indeterminate. She explained the former produces flower clusters at the end of stems and tend to be smaller. The latter […]