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Making the most of the fall growing season

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been told they do not have to give up their hobby during the colder months. The cooler weather can be a good time to analyse the success of the summer and may be used to grow vegetables and flowers that fare better when temperatures drop, according to the Examiner. Horticulturalists […]

Try gardening ‘to stay fit and healthy’

Older people should indulge in a spot of gardening to keep themselves physically and mentally fit, a website has suggested. According to newsday.com, the activity can be good exercise for those who require more gentle activities to stay in shape. It quoted outdoorlivingwithstacy.com founder Stacy Walter‘s advice on warming up before carrying out work in […]

‘Now is the time’ to water your fruit trees

People who love to spend time in their greenhouses should be sure to give their fruit trees plenty of water, according to one source. Ciscoe Morris, writing in the Home and Garden section of the Seattle Times, has offered some advice to give dwindling fruit trees a boost. He says plants have been thinned but […]

Ohio gets close to ‘record year for corn’

Ohio‘s corn yield has come close to breaking records this year, according to reports. ToledoBlade.com reports the cool weather, rainfall and sunshine experienced in the region recently has contributed to the success of the corn harvest. Gardening enthusiasts may be interested to learn these factors have combined to produce a “bountiful and very tasty crop”, […]

Garden and greenhouse growers ‘could save cash by collecting seeds’

A horticultural columnist has advised garden and greenhouse enthusiasts they can save cash by collecting seeds for next season. Jane Ford of the Fort Wayne News Sentinel stated growers often waste cash on buying new stocks of the same varieties each year. She added people can struggle to source the same seeds in consecutive years […]

New garden and greenhouse website founded

Following the recent announcement that gardenology.org has now posted in excess of 10,000 articles, another website for greenhouse growers has sprung up. TheGardenGeek.com is a new online community for horticulture enthusiast, which launched yesterday (August 12th). Site founder Patrick Albin explained ten million US citizens took up garden and greenhouse growing in the past 12 […]

Denver gardeners told how to extend season

Gardeners in Denver have been given some hints on how to extend their growing season. Aside from locating plants in a greenhouse or glasshouse over winter, the Examiner suggests sowing seeds early can be helpful as plants will be able to be harvested sooner. Protecting varieties from the wind, rain and cold during spring might […]

Time to plant ‘cool season’ crops

Americans living in areas where there are only light frosts over fall and winter should be preparing for cool season gardening, it has been suggested. Seeds for a number of hardy vegetables can be planted in August, according to the Examiner. It suggested garden and greenhouse lovers avoid planning out “tender” varieties such as tomatoes […]

Ten Fruiting Plants for the Greenhouse – beauty plus food

Unusual fruiting shrubs and trees – where have you been all my gardening life? That was the question I asked myself while standing at One Green World’s tasting table in Molalla, Oregon. The nursery specializes in unique fruits from around the world. Affable owner, Jim Gilbert, presided over an enticing array of mouth-watering offerings. Landscaping […]

Firm invents winter protection for plants

While gardeners have traditionally taken plants inside the greenhouse during the colder months to protect them from the elements, one firm believes it has a solution for those that cannot be moved. Michigan firm Sun Stick is marketing the ShrubGuard – a non-woven winter jacket for plants – as the solution to issues caused by […]

Arizona gardeners given planting tips

A garden and greenhouse expert from Arizona has given local horticulturalists some advice on fall food growing. Writing for the Tri Valley Dispatch, Rick Gibson suggested August 15th was the ideal date to begin planting a number of varieties. He explained cauliflower, broccoli and sweet corn require extra time to mature, when compared to lettuce, […]

Greenhouse enthusiasts given fall gardening tips

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given a number of tips for what to make themselves busy in the fall. According to the Examiner, now is a good time to be saving seeds and bulbs – this will save money in spring and requires only a little effort for good results. It also advises mixing […]