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Strawberries a ‘simple plant to grow’

Greenhouse enthusiasts have been told strawberries are a simple fruit to grow. The plants can be classed in three groups, according to stargazette.com – June-bearing, ever-bearing and day-neutral. Planting should take place in spring, with the specimens being located in a sunny, well-drained area. Gardeners should be careful not to over-fertilise as this can cause […]

Containers an ‘easy starting point’

Horticulture enthusiasts who find their greenhouse is fit to burst with plants may be interested to hear the advice of garden designer Jon Carloftis. The expert suggests people can grow vegetables, herbs, flowers and even trees in containers. He said this is an easy way of introducing greenhouse plants to the outside world as they […]

Mind your feet, gardeners told

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been urged not to forget to look after their feet this summer. According to OurHealthNetwork.com, many horticulture lovers will experience foot pain this summer. The online resource advised this is avoidable through preparation such as wearing the correct footwear and stretching. “Gardening is an exertive weight-bearing activity and should be […]

How to deal with garden pests in summer

A master gardener has been distributing summer gardening tips in the San Marcos Daily Record. Linda Keese advises growers to take care the powerful effects of the sun do not overwhelm them by restricting their greenhouse and yard work to the cooler morning and evening periods. She suggests using mint to keep aphids and flea […]

Master gardener gives time-saving tips

A master gardener has been distributing advice on how to save time when tending to the garden and greenhouse. Writing for StarNewsOnline.com, Pender County Cooperative Extension horticulture agent Charlotte Glen explained limiting the amount of lawn can reduce the maintenance time. She explained that although grass is simple to understand and care for, it requires […]

Colorado gardeners have university learning opportunity

Colorado State University has announced it will distribute gardening tips to those with an interest in yard and greenhouse growing. The educational facility will offer three programmes of workshops as part of its annual Twilight Garden Series. Each two-hour class will be held from 18:30 local time on June 2nd, 23rd and July 7th. The […]

Veggie Garden Mistakes—And How to Avoid Them

This is the year of the vegetable garden—from the White House to local front lawns—everyone is planting crops. However, even seasoned gardeners can have disappointments with veggies. So I asked my friend, Rose Marie Nichols McGee, owner/ president of Nichols Garden Nursery in Albany, Oregon, what to do about the most common edible errors. Rose […]

‘Teach kids to grow what you want them to eat’

People looking to introduce their kids to the benefits of fruit and veg have been advised to teach the children to grow their own food. According to Examiner.com, this is a fun way of encouraging little ones to take an interest in their diet. It suggested starting with a simple plot of just a few […]

June the ‘ideal time’ for planting tropical varieties

A southern California soil manufacturer has suggested the cool mornings and warm afternoons in June are the ideal time to grow plants. Oxnard-based Agromin explained horticulture lovers looking to introduce tropical varieties should do so over the next month. It said the conditions are ideal for transplanting things like banana trees, orchids and palms as […]

How to keep critters from the garden

A website has advised gardeners on how to deal with the common problem of animals interfering with their prized plants. Horticulture lovers can spend hours in the garden and greenhouse, only for the fruits of their labour to be spoiled by rabbits, deer or cats. These otherwise lovable species are a “common, perpetual annoyance” to […]

Encore Azalea releases digital magazine

Encore Azalea has announced the release of the second edition of its digital magazine focusing on container gardening. It explained growers will also find tips on other aspects of growing in gardens and greenhouses. The online resource contains photos and articles with simple planting instructions and easy care tips. It focuses on how to start […]