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Orchids in History

“If nature ever showed her playfulness in the formation of plants, it is visible in the most striking way among orchids.” – Jacob Breynius, 17th century botanist Orchids through the ages Growing orchids in glass or greenhouses dates to the mid-19th century, when wealthy landowners in England and elsewhere constructed elaborate glass structures to cultivate, or conserve, […]

The Best Orchids for Glasshouses or Greenhouses

Temperature and Light Many orchids are comfortable in glasshouses or greenhouses, and are organized into three temperature groups that mimic their preferences in nature. Warm-temperature orchids prefer daytime temperatures in the 80s, with night temps from 60 to 70 degrees. Phalaenopsis, Paphiopedilums, Vanda (the vanilla orchid), Ryhynchostylus and Dendrohiums are examples of orchids in this […]

Overwatering and Over-fertilizing Orchids

The Death Knell for Orchids Overwatering-including growing certain species in high humidity-is the death knell for many orchids, as many genera store moisture in the plant itself, thus reducing the requirement for water from an outside source. Cattleyas, Laeliocattleyas, Brassolaeliocattleya, Oncidiums, Miltonias and Odontoglossums, are epiphytes with “pseudo bulbs” that retain water. Phalaenopsis, while also […]

Gardening Trends Survey Reveals Need for Education About Organics

The average consumer is hungry for education about the costs and benefits of organic gardening practices, a recent study of gardening trends revealed. The research, a 2008 Winter Survey of Consumer Attitudes on Organics, was conducted for the Garden Writers Association Foundation by TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence, in October, 2008. Nearly 1000 people were interviewed in […]

Growing Herbs in Greenhouses

There are few things as delightful as a fragrant bouquet of fresh herbs. Whether collecting a combination from the garden for a culinary treat, or strolling through a glasshouse brimming with the essence of seasonings, herbs are quite simply heavenly. It‘s no wonder they‘ve played a prominent role in many cultures throughout the world, and […]

Gardeners advised to act now to attract hummingbirds

Gardeners in America‘s warmer states have been urged to start planning ahead and laying the groundwork should they wish to attract hummingbirds later in the year. While the cold weather may mean that even the keenest gardening enthusiast is tempted to stay indoors until the start of spring, one expert has warned that only by […]

One of Gardeners’ ‘best tools’ is horticultural oil

Horticultural oil is one of the most valuable tools at a gardener‘s disposal because it allows pests to be controlled effectively. This is according to Heather Hamilton of the Tracy Press, who explains that the oils can be used to stave off the threat of insects by interfering with their metabolism and disrupting their eating […]

Gardeners warned against pruning as birds look to nest

While gardeners across the US may be keen to indulge in a spot of pruning in the next few weeks, one expert has advised those keen to encourage birds to their back yards in the spring to lay down their shears for the time being. According to Emily Green, the LA sustainable gardening columnist at […]

Advice for Pennsylvania growers as farm show begins

Pennsylvania garden and greenhouse lovers may be interested to know that the Pennsylvania Farm Show began over the weekend. Horticulture lovers can gain entry for just $10 and “will be in awe” of what they find there, according to the Pocono Record. The newspaper has also published a to-do list for 2010 gardening, which includes […]

Magazine publishes seed starting tips

Those who are new to garden and greenhouse growing may find the seed starting tips in Fine Gardening magazine helpful. The publication explained that there is a certain satisfaction that comes with growing a plant from seed and gave a list of ten hints on how to do it successfully. Firstly, gardeners should keep records […]

Make cash from garden and greenhouse

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have a unique opportunity to use their passion to keep the pennies rolling in, it has been suggested. With finding and keeping a job difficult at the moment, Associated Content has suggested that those with an interest in horticulture take it to the next level. It said that such people can […]