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Cooper’s horticultural treat for V-Day

Garden and greenhouse fans might take a leaf out of a Hollywood star‘s book and treat a loved one in a special way this St Valentine‘s Day. The most romantic day of the year can present problems in finding a unique way to surprise the object of your desires, but Valentine‘s Day actor Bradley Cooper […]

California greenhouse enthusiasts given tips

California garden and greenhouse fans have been given some growing tips for the month of February. According to the Los Angeles Times, it is an ideal time to plant winter vegetables, but it may still be too wet to be trudging around the flower beds. Wet soil compacts easily and this can restrict plant growth […]

Now the time to plan garden and greenhouse growth

At this time of year, many gardeners spend time in their home or greenhouse leafing through magazines and catalogues planning how they would like their green space to appear during the warmer months. According to the Kansas City Star, not much grows in late winter and the time should be used to construct a battle […]

Mississippi Greenhouse enthusiasts encouraged to step up learning

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts in the Adams County area of Mississippi have been encouraged to attend the upcoming Master Gardener classes. The programme begins later this month and helps horticulture fans to become more adept at their hobby, the Natchez Democrat reported. The Adams County Master Gardeners held their first class nine years ago and […]

Garden and greenhouse website launched

Greenhouse enthusiasts may be interested in a recently-launched website dedicated to home and garden decor. PhilbecksOnline.com was founded by Faith and Justin Philbeck to sell a range of items designed to improve houses and green spaces. As well as sales, the site also features a useful blog, which is used by the owners to distribute […]

Soil pH ‘the most important element for success’

Gardeners have been advised that before they even consider which fruits and vegetables to grow in their greenhouses, they need to think about dirt. Writing in the Christian Science Monitor, Doreen Howard noted that soil is the “most important element for success” when it comes to growing garden produce. As a result, she advises keen […]

New Seed Ideas For The Greenhouse

Finally, a chance to peruse seed catalogs and plan for the new gardening season to come. Here are a few selections to consider, from some of my favorite seed sources. Johnny’s Selected Seeds This Maine-based company introduces a new heirloom green tomato this year– ‘Cherokee Green’ has medium size fruit that mature green with a […]

Free tree care workshop in Iowa

Garden and greenhouse growers in Muscatine, Iowa, might be interested in attending a horticultural event due to take place this weekend. Saturday (January 23rd) will see Muscatine Branching Out – a group dedicated to raising cash to plant trees – host a free Tree Care Workshop, according to the Muscatine Journal. Beginning at 09:45 local […]

Orchids in History

“If nature ever showed her playfulness in the formation of plants, it is visible in the most striking way among orchids.” – Jacob Breynius, 17th century botanist Orchids through the ages Growing orchids in glass or greenhouses dates to the mid-19th century, when wealthy landowners in England and elsewhere constructed elaborate glass structures to cultivate, or conserve, […]

The Best Orchids for Glasshouses or Greenhouses

Temperature and Light Many orchids are comfortable in glasshouses or greenhouses, and are organized into three temperature groups that mimic their preferences in nature. Warm-temperature orchids prefer daytime temperatures in the 80s, with night temps from 60 to 70 degrees. Phalaenopsis, Paphiopedilums, Vanda (the vanilla orchid), Ryhynchostylus and Dendrohiums are examples of orchids in this […]